Cargo Vans

Huge Selection of Cargo Vans for Sale in New Jersey

If you depend on a commercial cargo van to get the job done, you've come to the right place. Salerno Duane Commercial Trucks in Summit NJ is the area's Commercial Van expert. Salerno Duane knows that each business requires a van that fits their specific needs, that is why we offer hundreds of cargo van upfit options to create a custom cargo van to meet your own particular needs. We'll analyze your business and consider your vehicle usage and needs to find the Ram cargo van that works best for you and your business. Getting the job done right is your business, finding the right solution for you is ours.

Ram Commercial Cargo Vans NJ

Compact Cargo Van

Ram ProMaster City - If your company relies on carrying cargo, you'll want a van that carries maximum cargo while providing superior on-the-job performance which helps your business carry more… and go more places. Providing you with the versatility you need, we offer multiple trims and body styles including; cargo van, short- or long-wheelbase, chassis cab, low top or high top roof, cutaway or window van.

  • Florist Shops & Delivery
  • Bakery Shops & Delivery
  • Painter Work Van

ProMaster City

Full-Size Cargo Van

Ram ProMaster - For those who require more space, the Ram ProMaster offer the payload capacity that allows you to store all of your materials, tools, and cargo. If you still need more, the towing capacity will have you making one trip to the job site - saving you time and gas.

  • Construction - Contractor Van or Mobile Office
  • Roofer Work Van
  • Plumber Work Van
  • Electrician Work Van
  • Delivery Van
  • Pool Repair Work Van & Supply Delivery
  • Flooring / Tile Contractor's Van

Ram ProMaster

Ram Cargo Work Vans NJ

Custom Cargo Van Upfit Options in NJ

From shelving units, racks and bins to no up fit at all to offer you maximum cargo space, Salerno Duane Commercial Trucks can fit your individual needs. When you want a van, you want one that is Upfit friendly that allows you to adjust to the constant change of your equipment and cargo. You can equip your RAM ProMaster van with everything from available rooftop ladder racks, literature holders and storage cabinets to dividers, double floors, drawers, cargo management packages and more. Versatility is important and adjustable shelving, racks and bins can help you stay organized while adjusting to your daily change of needs. And quality manufacturer brands lets you know your using quality, premium grade materials.

Ram Contractor Vans NJ

Contractor Van Upfit

From plumbing to carpentry to HVAC and more, trades interior upfits turn your van into a mobile workshop and warehouse. With everything from customizable shelving and tank storage to hardware holds and tool benches, your tools and inventory are never far from your worksite.

  • Painting
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Construction
  • Locksmith
Ram Mobile Office Vans NJ

Mobile Office Van Upfit

Sometimes getting your business moving requires actually working on the road. Luckily, our vans have what every business needs: space, power and capability.

  • Emergency
  • Law Enforcement
  • Construction Site Foreman
Ram Delivery Vans NJ

Delivery Van Upfit

Whether delivering heavy appliances or elegant bouquets, delivery upfits require easy access, impressive performance features and the hardworking capability to drive all day, every day for years to come.

  • Delivery Services
  • Florist Shops
  • Catering Truck
Ram Custom Cargo Van Upfits NJ

Compact Van Custom Trades Upfit

From painting to plumbing to carpentry and more, the Ram C/V Tradesman® and Ford Transit Connect boast an interior primed for customized shelving and storage rack upfits. The newer Ram ProMaster City offer a seemingly limitless list of options and configurations.

  • House Painting Companies
  • Plumbing & HVAC Services
  • Home Improvement & Handyman Service
  • Locksmiths & Garage Door Repair
  • House Cleaning Services

Custom Cargo Van Upfits from Top Manufacturers

Sortimo Custom Work Van Upfits NJ

Sortimo® Van Racking Solutions

Sortimo offers a unique, light-weight, micro-modular, in-vehicle equipment system that is customizable. Van packages illustrate the system's flexibility by adding features to the basic configuration. Utilizing unique components and accessories in an ergonomically designed system.

Weather Guard Custom Work Van Upfits NJ

Weather Guard® Van Storage Equipment

In van equipment, Weather Guard offers an expansive line including knockdown shelving, small and medium size parts bins, expanded ladder rack offerings and also an expanded bulkhead offering.

Adrian Steel Custom Work Van Upfits NJ

Adrian Steel® Cargo Management

Adrian Steel provides flexible and dependable storage solutions for cargo vans. Interior packages combine rugged durability with lighter weight construction for optimal cargo capacity.

Reading Custom Work Van Upfits NJ

Reading® Chassis & Cutaway Service Bodies

Reading service vans and panel bodies protect your tools, cargo, equipment and crew so you can stay hard at work through any weather. An enclosed body also lets you lock down your work area quickly and easily whenever you need to.

Ram Custom Work Van Upfits NJ

Plus Many Others!

Salerno Duane also offers upfits and storage products from several other leading manufacturers. We can custom upfit your Ford or RAM cargo van with products from Ranger Design, Advantage Outfitters, The Welding Shop, Unicell®, Dejana® and Rockport. Contact us today if you're looking for specific components!

Commercial Truck Customization

Ram ProMaster All-in-One Contractor's Package
Ram ProMaster Contractor Van NJ
Ram ProMaster Contractor Work Van NJ

Ram ProMaster All-in-One Contractor's Package

We call this the All-in-One Contractor's Package. It consists of everything a contractor needs to get the job done. With this awesome upfit, you get a Composite wood floor, Composite side walls, 2 foot led light bar, 2 complete steel racks on left side with shelves and 1 lockable cabinet, 1 complete steel rack on right side complete with bins that are removable, and 1 large hanging hook on each shelf at the rear of van. Do you have specific Contractor's vehicle needs? Give us a call to find out about our Custom Work Trucks!

Ram HVAC Work Vans NJ
Ram ProMaster HVAC Vans NJ
Ram ProMaster HVAC Van Upfits NJ

Ram ProMaster Van HVAC Upfit

In the HVAC Custom Work Trucks upfit, the shelving goes completely around the inside of the entire van and all the shelves will have bins in them that will be numbered, so as to have the ability to completely control parts and inventory for the company. At the top of the shelves are pipe racks for all different types and lengths of pipe and on the side door opening toward the front are bottle holders (4) of them for associated tanks used on the job each day, plus a step has been added at the back of the truck as well. Have any other HVAC needs? Just ask!

Ram Utility Vans NJ
Ram ProMaster Utility Vans NJ
Ram ProMaster Contractor's Utility Package

Ram ProMaster Contractor's Utility Package

We call this the Contractor's Utility Package. It consists of an Adrian Steel 3 bow ladder rack with roller, A Maple wood floor, Maple wood side walls, with one row of E track down the sides. Do you have specific Contractor's Custom Work Trucks needs? Give us a call!

Salerno Duane Also Carries Passenger Vans & Livery Vehicles

When your business is built around people, you need a vehicle that's designed around safety, security and comfort. From specialized school buses to elegant employee transports, livery upfits require nimble handling, impressive performance and commercial-grade safety and security features. Of course, cost-saving design and impressive capability certainly help. When shopping for a Ford passenger van for sale in NJ, Salerno Duane is your destination! We also have a large selection of RAM passenger vans for sale in NJ every day on our lot.

Customizable Features

  • Short- or long-wheelbase
  • Flexible Seating Configurations
  • Maneuverability

Passenger Vans for:

  • Taxi Service
  • Limo Rentals
  • Custom Party Buses
  • Hotel Shuttles & Hospitality
  • Senior Care & Disability Transports
Ram Passenger Vans NJ

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