Why Service Your Brakes? – Brake Service & Maintenance Tips

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Our Salerno Duane Summit Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership in NJ would like to remind our drivers why it is important along the way to check your brakes. We suggest that you have your vehicle’s brakes inspected to ensure that they are performing at their best. Let our Salerno Duane Summit dealer show you why brake maintenance is important for your safety.

Friction from the brakes functioning causes heat and dust – as the brake pads wear brake performance diminishes and heat can damage your bakes. Normally brake system and fluids are checked each time your vehicle has an oil change. Normal Stop & Go driving as well as driving on dirt and gravel roads take a toll on your brakes.

Salerno Duane Summit Tips for Extended Brake Life:

  • Avoid Making Hard Stops 
  • Have Brake Dust Removed
  • Don’t Ride on Your Brakes 

Most newer cars are designed with wear indicator which allows drivers to realize when brakes are worn. The brakes may feel different and the wear indicator will be a high pitch noise, this will mean that the brakes should be checked and replaced as soon as possible. Drivers should not delay when they hear this noise. If your brakes are making a grinding metal noise this is also a sign that your safety is at risk and the vehicle can be damaged if its not serviced.

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