Uconnect Bluetooth Hands Free System

Uconnect Bluetooth SystemMany Jeep Chrysler Dodge Buyers may ask themselves, what is Uconnect? Many of our Salerno Duane Summit vehicles are built standard with Uconnect. We’d like to explain in detail what exactly the Uconnect system is and how it works.

Uconnect for Jeep Chrysler Dodge vehicles is a Bluetooth System which allows driver’s to safely talk or stream music while using their audi system in their car and their Bluetooth enabled cell phone or device.

Our Jeep Chrysler Dodge Uconnect Bluetooth System is easy to use and has a quick set up that only needs to be completed once with each phone. All you will need to do is follow simple instructions on how to pair your phone with your vehicle audio system. Driver’s who have successful pair their phones can use features such as answering and dialing incoming and outgoing calls, hang up calls and have full access to their phone book.

If you have recently purchased or are thinking about buying a Jeep Chrysler Dodge from our Salerno Duane Summit dealership we encourage you to visit the Drive Uconnect Website. Here you can see if your current phone is compatible with the system and find step-by-step instructions on how to pair your phone.

If you have additional questions regarding the Uconnect system feel free to stop by our Salerno Duane Summit dealership located on Broad Street in Downtown Summit, NJ!