The Four Wheeler Truck of the Year Title Goes to Ram 1500 Rebel!

Four Wheeler Truck of the Year NJ

The Ram 1500 Rebel!

If you were rooting for Chevy, Nissan, or Toyota to win Four Wheeler Magazine’s Truck of the Year award, you’ll be disappointed because the title went to the Ram 1500 Rebel! The 1500 Rebel effectively beat out the Chevy Colorado Z71 Diesel, the Nissan Titan Diesel, and the Toyota Tacoma, all in their off-roading versions. Dodge must be doing something right!

The Rebel is Ram’s version of a half-ton truck that’s been setup with adjustable air suspension and Toyo tires to compete with its off-roading competition for Four Wheeler Magazine’s Truck of the Year. Although the Colorado, Titan, and Tacoma each brought their game to the table, the Rebel walked way the winner. Four Wheeler Magazine tests each truck with experienced drivers who know just how to push them when it comes to off-roading. The Rebel drove away as the winner in this competition!

2016 Ram 1500 Rebel Summit NJ

  • The Competition:

Don’t fool yourself—this competition is more than just about off-roading capabilities when it comes to these mid-size trucks. Four Wheeler Magazine covers all the bases when it comes to testing these trucks. They do off-roading, of course, but they also include on-road and even racing tests to try out all the capabilities of these trucks. As anyone who buys an off-roading truck knows, you won’t purely be using the truck for off-roading. It’s important that the truck does well on the road as well as off the beaten path, and Four Wheeler Magazine takes this into account with its Truck of the Year competition.

2016 Ram 1500 Rebel Union NJ


  • The Judge’s Criteria:

Among many factors, some of the features that are judged include performance, build, quality of the interior, and off-roading capabilities. Judges spend five days with these trucks, all while putting some serious miles on them, to determine how they measure up against the other midsize trucks. The Ram Rebel apparently took home the trophy by far—judges not only rated this truck well above the rest, but also rated this truck as the one they’d like for themselves!

What’s Special About the Ram Rebel?

The Ram 1500 Revel has been described as a balanced truck by Four Wheeler Magazine’s editor, and the air suspension, shocks, and tires were doing their job throughout the many miles of testing by the judges. Although a locking rear differential would have been appreciated, the Ram Rebel still outshined the rest in its design as well as performance.

Ram 1500 Rebel Central New Jersey

The Rebel also includes front tow hooks, the black matte grille, and a higher suspension than the regular Ram 1500 models at our Union County NJ dealership location. The Rebel puts out 395 horsepower and 410 lb/ft of torque. The Ram pulled off the fastest 0-60 time, which looks even more impressive when you consider that the truck gets around 24 mpg. The Rebel was highly rated by judges and second place didn’t even come close!


Congratulations to Dodge for making the Ram 1500 Rebel an exceptional truck that won Truck of the Year award from Four Wheeler Magazine. Visit us at Salerno Duane Ram in Summit, New Jersey to pick out your Ram 1500 Rebel and experience the major off-roading power and on-road prowess that the judges of Four Wheeler Magazine experienced in the Rebel!