Support Curemonos & Breast Cancer Awareness!

Our Salerno Duane dealerships of Summit, are making a donation to Dora’s self-founded organization – Curémonos – for every car sold throughout the month of October. Because Curémonos is a non-profit program, all donations go towards aiding the women Dora serves.

Curémonos means healing together, as Dora E. Arias states in her interview with the Today Show. Dora has made it her mission, after beating breast cancer ten years ago, to aid underserved women facing a breast cancer diagnosis in getting the medical care they need.

Curémonos is locally owned and operated by Dora, herself. Her interview, aired recently on the Today Show, can be found here. Help Salerno Duane help Dora by purchasing or leasing that new vehicle you’ve had your eye on during the month of October.

Dora helps women by taking them to their appointments and making sure they get the care that they need whether they are preventing, treating or surviving breast cancer. We encourage you to bring awareness to Breast Cancer and the Curemonos nonprofit by spreading the word about this great foundation!